EOSGlobe serves a myriad of industries by helping them facilitate their transition to a digital space effortlessly. Our business management solutions are seamless and help you attain your professional goals in a whole new way. We also specialize in Consulting and HRO solutions to help you tackle all ranges of challenges.

Banking And Finance

Don’t Break The Bank

We assist major global banks in the pre-credit stage of loan processing. Our offerings include indexing, tele-verification, data entry, quality checks, and more. Through our high-touch customer experience, we facilitate the online buying journey for our clients across the world.

Non-Banking Financial Services

A Collaboration Founded On Operational Excellence

The non-banking services sector requires quality services that can attract prospects and gather web leads on a regular basis. Among the processes we automate are lead generation, tracking sales activity, sales support, collection solutions, and customer relationship management.


AI + Digitalization = A Better Customer Experience

Digital transformation is at the forefront of the insurance industry’s evolution. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling insurers to make smarter decisions and provide customers with tailored and effective services. Big data analytics is also helping insurance companies identify new business opportunities.


Provide Quality Patient Support

Team EOSGlobe understands that healthcare is a human endeavor and not just about technology. That’s why we collaborate closely with major healthcare providers to make sure that both social and business goals are met. These integral partnerships help manage back-office functions, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls among other things.

Consumer Durables & Retail

Leverage Custom Automation To Enhance Your CX

Recent years have seen a rapid change in customer buying patterns. In the face of disruptions, EOSGlobe helps its clients remain competitive by using relevant technologies that streamline the customer’s buying process. Making customer experiences memorable, increasing loyalty, and fostering a sense of community is what we do.


Delight A Wide Range Of Valuable Customers

The global economy is booming, and this means there are new markets for manufacturers to explore. EOSGlobe can help you achieve your strategic objectives by providing support in all consumer-centric production aspects. With our CX solutions, you can lower operating costs, create shorter supply chains, and develop better products with higher margins.


Drive Your Business To Profitability

One of the most competitive industries in the world is the automotive industry, which is also the second most lucrative sector. While automotive industry players need to continuously innovate their products, they must also focus on optimizing their costs, or else they risk losing market share to their competitors. EOSGlobe’s cutting-edge solutions are designed to improve your efficiency through quick turnaround time and improved service workshop facilities.


Your Customer's Journey, Mapped Out For You

We work with major e-commerce businesses to help them create seamless experiences for customers throughout their life cycle, from when they first start considering a purchase to long after they’ve made it. With more and more consumers shopping online, it’s important for businesses to have a strong online presence, and our partnership helps them do just that.


The Hospitality Industry's Best-Kept Secret

EOSGlobe is the leading provider of customer experience management solutions to the world’s biggest hospitality brands. With our comprehensive end-to-end solutions and industry expertise, you are one step closer to delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Energy And Utilities

A New Era Of Driving Results

EOSGlobe has over 20 years of experience helping energy and utility companies digitally transform with confidence. We help companies in the energy and utilities sector increase sales, improve customer retention, and optimize costs by providing marketing services, customer service, and technical support.

Direct-To-Home And Digital Media

Gain Immense Viewership

The digital media revolution is reshaping the media and entertainment industries’ value chains and business models. For this sector to thrive, it must digitally transform into an intelligent enterprise. In addition to our digital asset management solutions, OTT streaming, and gaming solutions, EOSGlobe can help content producers and distributors deliver seamless experiences across multiple touch points.

Media and Communication

Optimize The Entire Customer Life Cycle

We understand the complex landscape of media and communication organizations. With EOSGlobe’s comprehensive approach that brings together advanced technologies and actionable insights from proven process optimization methods, you’ll never have any issues delivering a superior viewer or subscriber support – all without compromising the quality of service.

Travel And Tourism

It's Never Been Easier To Deliver Great Customer Service

EOSGlobe is a one-stop-shop for travel brands who want to offer their customers a comprehensive and smooth experience. Whether it is booking, managing, or servicing, EOSGlobe offers digitized and seamless connectivity between all channels. We offer a digitally integrated experience that serves travellers as per their preference, driving real value for the sector as a whole.

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