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Leverage Custom Automation To Enhance Your Customer Experience

Recent years have seen a rapid change in customer buying patterns. In the face of disruptions, EOSGlobe helps its clients remain competitive by using relevant technologies that streamline the customer’s buying process. Making customer experiences memorable, increasing loyalty, and fostering a sense of community is what we do.

EOSGlobe provides a wide range of services to leading consumer durable & retail brands. These services include automation, application services, loyalty programs, next-gen customer experience, order management, persistence, and sales and marketing.


Lead Generation

Having the ability to track customer and prospect information is essential to growing your sales and building your business. Our customer relationship management service can assist you with this task. The system helps you keep track of all the information regarding your customers: what they’ve bought from you previously, what other companies they work with, how long they spent on your website, what products or services they requested from you, and more.

Loyalty Programs

By defining your enterprise’s loyalty structure, our experts can outline appropriate loyalty campaigns and strategies to integrate customer reward redemption processes. Ultimately, this will help your enterprise achieve its business objectives.

Aggregator Channel Helpline

Our Aggregator Channel Helpline lets you manage several channels like telemarketing, social media, and more through a single platform by creating different groups corresponding to the different channels. Furthermore, each group can be assigned its own contact list, so you can better manage your contacts.

Logging Queries, Requests, and Complaints

Our experienced executives will resolve complaints and grievances of your customers in a courteous manner and provide excellent customer service. By doing so, you will foster harmonious relationships with your customers.

Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a vital component of every business. It enables businesses to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement so that they can formulate successful strategies. By capturing valuable data from your customers, EOSGlobe’s solutions enhance engagement and customer experience. This comprehensive analysis will enable you to make more informed decisions about how you can serve them better in the future.

Customized Solutions

By enhancing your knowledge of your customer profile, EOSGlobe can assist in optimizing your marketing campaigns. We use our proprietary data analytics tools in conjunction with market research to identify the most appropriate audience for your products or services.

Moving Customers Up The Value Chain

Building brands involves not only creating world-class products but also addressing the needs of customers by continuously attempting to move them up the value chain. At EOSGlobe, our aim is to help you grow your businesses such that you can achieve sustainable success.

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