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The hospitality industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past few decades due to an increase in overseas travel, population growth, and rapidly changing consumer preferences. Currently, the hospitality industry is one of the most lucrative markets globally and it will only continue to grow with time.

To remain competitive in today’s market, hospitality businesses must adapt to the emergence and popularity of cutting-edge technologies. EOSGlobe is the leading provider of customer experience management solutions for global hospitality brands. With our comprehensive end-to-end solutions and industry expertise, you are one step closer to delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences.


Multi-Channel Support

EOSGlobe’s dedicated agent program lets you offer customer support through phone, e-mail, text, or managed chat. We provide accessible channels of communication resulting in very satisfied customers for your business.

Escalation Handling

Our support agents can resolve complex issues and improve the overall customer experience by handling escalations effectively. You can expect us to handle calls from unsatisfied guests and resolve any gaps seamlessly.

Instant CSAT Survey

Instant CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys allow you to get instant feedback from your guests about their stay experience. This survey is designed to give you valuable information about how you can improve your customer experience, which can then be implemented into your daily operations. By using this tool, you can learn what customers like most about your hotel and what they would like to see improved. These insights can help you ensure that your guests enjoy a better stay at your hotel in the future.

Email Response Handling

We provide a comprehensive email response handling service for hospitality companies. We aim to help you, your staff, and your customers benefit from email marketing campaigns.

Our team of experts will manage all aspects of your email campaign including:

  • Investigation of bounced emails
  • Optimization of your sending list (removing invalid addresses)
  • Creation of newly segmented lists based on customer behaviour
  • Email follow-ups after guests have checked out
  • Developing original templates or upgrading existing ones

Outbound Sales Calling

Outbound calling is crucial for generating more leads and potential customers. Our team of experienced salespeople will contact companies and individuals who may have interest in your services but are not familiar with you.

We can offer different ways of reaching out to these people such as cold calling or emailing them directly through their readily-available company contact details on social networking sites.

Back-End Liasoning with the Client’s Team

Our team can liaise with your team to ensure that you have up-to-date information about your guests, prior to their arrival. By preparing for them better, you will ensure they have a pleasant stay.

Booking Confirmation Calls

In order to make certain your guests arrive on time, we remind them of their appointments. Also, we make sure they are kept informed about any important hotel activities and events after they have arrived at the hotel.

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