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Defining “customer” can be a complicated process for manufacturing companies. The term could refer to either wholesalers or big-box retailers or even end-users. In this increasingly complex landscape, manufacturers must offer personalized CX solutions to serve a wide range of consumers.

EOSGlobe can help you achieve your strategic objectives by providing support in all consumer-centric production aspects. With our CX solutions, you can lower operating costs, create shorter supply chains, and develop better products with higher margins.


Omni-channel customer outreach

Make sure that every communication reinforces your brand by utilizing digital, social, and mobile channels. Through our loyalty offers, back office support desk, proactive outreach and customer retention programs, and targeted messaging for every stage of the customer lifecycle, we help you accomplish just that.

Service lifecycle management

Today’s customers require you to be proactive. With EOSGlobe, it’s easy to stay on top of their most pressing needs. With our claims processing and administration, service lifecycle management, and consumer intelligence analytics, you can stand out from the noise and drive innovation.

Back office support

We handle all kinds of back office transactions, including booking, cancellations, and refunds, voucher issuance, content moderation, and technical administration, in order to reduce your costs.

Supply chain management

Our supply chain management solutions can help optimize your costs through the elimination of unnecessary expenses, duplicates, and non-value-adding activities. With EOSGlobe, you can enhance your customer satisfaction as a result of improved product availability, better quality products and faster response times.

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