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Optimize The Entire Customer Life Cycle

A rapid transformation is occurring in the media, communications, and entertainment industries due to disruption. Innovation in technology and mainstream consumer adoption is driving this trend. Communications and streaming media in the comfort of one’s home have never been more accessible to consumers. Consequently, creating memorable customer experiences is more critical than ever. The ability to build and maintain competitive advantage has become paramount.

We understand the complex landscape of media and communication organizations. With EOSGlobe’s comprehensive approach that brings together advanced technologies and actionable insights from proven process optimization methods, you’ll never have any issues delivering a superior viewer or subscriber support – all without compromising the quality of service.


Subscription Support

Our end-to-end online subscription services include management of order fulfillment, processing, activation, and billing. Through EOSGlobe, you can increase your revenue, improve brand management and technical support, retain clients, and manage cancellations.

Omni-channel customer outreach

Make sure that every communication reinforces your brand by utilizing digital, social, and mobile channels. Through our loyalty offers, back office support desk, proactive outreach and customer retention programs, and targeted messaging for every stage of the customer lifecycle, we help you accomplish just that.

Service lifecycle management

Today’s customers require you to be proactive. With EOSGlobe, it’s easy to stay on top of their most pressing needs. With our claims processing and administration, service lifecycle management, and consumer intelligence analytics, you can stand out from the noise and drive innovation.

Cross-Selling & Upselling

Our highly skilled team can help you increase revenue by cross-selling and upselling to your existing customers.

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