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In the global healthcare industry, three pillars have contributed to the digital transformation: data analytics, digital technologies (including AI and machine learning), and innovations in business models.

The healthcare industry aims to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of care while ensuring affordability for all stakeholders. EOSGlobe understands that healthcare is a human endeavor more than a technological one. It is for this reason that we work closely with major healthcare providers in order to ensure that their social and business objectives are equally met. These integral partnerships enable us to manage their back-office functions, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone calls, among other things.


Voice Services For Healthcare Organizations

Our comprehensive suite of voice services includes call monitoring, live operators, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems that allow us to provide the most cost-optimized way to communicate with your customers or patients.

Managing Billing And Claims Processing

In order to provide our clients with customized solutions, we take into account their business objectives, technological capabilities, and other resources. We provide a range of billing services including preparation of patient bills and insurance claims, collection of payments from patients or insurance companies, submission of claims to third-party payers, and coordination with insurance carriers.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle management enables healthcare organizations to maximize collections from patients or third-party payers such as insurance companies or government agencies. By ensuring all bills are paid on time, we can help improve your cash flow and avoid any penalties for late payments or interest charges.

Positive Healthcare CX

We provide healthcare companies with actionable insights from the very first interaction with their customers. Providing high-quality, cost-effective healthcare and reducing operating costs can elevate business profitability within this sector.

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