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From physical classrooms to virtual ones, and textbooks to e-books, the learning experience is becoming more personalized and interactive. Educational institutions and EdTech startups are venturing into this new frontier, seeking advanced technological solutions and strategic support. But they face challenges of high competition, reputation management, and onboarding new users.  

That’s where our EdTech BPO services come into play. We specialize in call center outsourcing for EdTech companies, enabling them to grow faster, make informed business decisions, and provide superior user experiences. With our EdTech BPO services, educational institutions and EdTech startups can focus on their core work of delivering quality education and learning solutions. 


Call Center Outsourcing for EdTech Industry

We handle everything from admissions support and inbound customer service to technical support and lead generation for your educational institution and EdTech startup.

Information & Support Desks

Our Information & Support Desks serve as the frontline for students seeking assistance with educational platforms, staffed by knowledgeable EdTech BPO agents trained to provide swift and effective solutions. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues or answering inquiries about course materials, we ensure a seamless experience for students, educators, and administrators. With a focus on user satisfaction, our support desks play a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience within the EdTech ecosystem. 

Admissions and Enrollment Management

We provide specialized admissions and enrollment management under call center outsourcing for EdTech. Our expert personnel and advanced technology optimize workflows from application to enrollment. We ensure that prospective students receive prompt and personalized support, enhancing their engagement and satisfaction. By partnering with us, you can efficiently attract and enroll top talent while focusing on your core mission of delivering quality education. 

Customer Onboarding

Our EdTech BPO Customer Onboarding services facilitate seamless transitions for new users entering the digital learning environment. Leveraging our services on call center outsourcing for EdTech, we employ personalized support to guide users through your onboarding process efficiently. Through call center outsourcing for EdTech, we ensure that users receive comprehensive assistance, enabling them to fully utilize your platform’s features and resources from the start.   

Customer Acquisition

Our call center outsourcing for EdTech includes support for customer acquisition. We employ targeted strategies to expand your user base and leverage data-driven approaches and market insights to identify and convert leads. Our EdTech BPO services ensure seamless communication to maximize conversion rates and foster brand loyalty. 

Customer Surveys & Outreach

Our Customer Surveys and Outreach services play a vital role in gathering valuable feedback and insights from users within the EdTech ecosystem. We employ various outreach channels to collect data and assess user satisfaction for your EdTech business. 

Sales and Lead Generation

Our EdTech BPO services help you identify potential prospects, nurture leads, and close deals through strategic planning. With our call center outsourcing for EdTech, we ensure proactive engagement and personalized communication and help you establish a strong presence in the competitive EdTech landscape 

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