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The COVID-19 pandemic and the new normal have radically transformed the travel and tourism industry’s customer experience. In terms of tailoring products, digital parity, and faster turnaround, customer expectations have changed significantly. CX-focused travel and tourism businesses can gain loyalty, build resilience, and become future-proof in this changing landscape.

EOSGlobe is a one-stop-shop for travel brands who want to offer their customers a comprehensive and smooth experience. Whether it is booking, managing, or servicing, EOSGlobe offers digitized and seamless connectivity between all channels. We offer a digitally integrated experience that serves travellers as per their preference, driving real value for the sector as a whole.


Travel experience management

EOSGlobe’s comprehensive concierge services provide high-impact, end-to-end customer care. Our customer life cycle management services range from omni-channel optimization and multi-language support to claims processing, customer journey mapping, and multi-level self-serve IVR automation.

Omni-channel customer outreach

Make sure that every communication reinforces your brand by utilizing digital, social, and mobile channels. Through our loyalty offers, back office support desk, proactive outreach and customer retention programs, and targeted messaging for every stage of the customer lifecycle, we help you accomplish just that.

Service lifecycle management

Today’s customers require you to be proactive. With EOSGlobe, it’s easy to stay on top of their most pressing needs. With our claims processing and administration, service lifecycle management, and consumer intelligence analytics, you can stand out from the noise and drive innovation.

Back office support

We handle all kinds of back office transactions, including booking, cancellations, and refunds, voucher issuance, content moderation, and technical administration, in order to reduce your costs.

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