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The constantly evolving regulatory frameworks and product innovation in the insurance sector necessitate insurers to continuously adapt and evolve with emerging trends. Along with this, data security is a major concern in the insurance industry because of the sensitive nature of client information.  

This is where we come in. EOSGlobe is constantly looking for ways to improve your customer experience and simplify processes so you can do what matters most – scaling up your business. We help your enterprise handle insurance policy management, claims processing, customer service, and more. We prioritize data security and ensure strict protection measures are in place. Our services enable clients to utilize advanced technology, maintain a strong reputation, accommodate growth, and continuously improve. 


BPO for Insurance Industry

From faster claims processing to improved customer service, we can help you unlock the full potential of your insurance operations. Partner with us to unleash new levels of productivity and profitability in your insurance business. Explore our full range of specialized Insurance BPO services below and let us help you elevate your operations to new heights.

Claims Processing

Benefit from our Insurance Claims Processing BPO services that leverage the expertise of experienced professionals to help your customers expedite claims handling, providing fair and swift settlements. Our Insurance Claims Processing BPO services include gathering customer information, determining policy coverage, explaining benefits to policyholders, and more to ensure higher customer satisfaction.  

Policy Administration 

Enhance operational efficiency with our Insurance BPO services for policy administration solutions. Our Insurance outsourcing services minimize errors and improve customer experiences through services like managing policy information, billing, and underwriting. 

Data Management

Rely on our efficient data handling Insurance BPO services to ensure accuracy, accessibility, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our services streamline data management processes and improve decision-making by handling insurance and policyholder data collection, organization, and analysis. 


Make informed decisions and ensure profitability with our risk assessment along with coverage and premium calculation services. Our Insurance BPO services help your insurance enterprise through accurate and fair coverage for your customers’ insurance policies. 

Risk Assessment

Access insightful analysis and evaluation of potential risks to support strategic decision-making and optimize resource allocation. Our insurance outsourcing services help you determine appropriate insurance coverage and pricing to manage resources and potential losses. 

Billing and Collection

Improve your insurance billing accuracy and customer experience with our billing and payment processing services. Our Insurance BPO services assist your organization in reducing errors through streamlining premium calculation and invoicing processes. 

Finance and Accounting

Experience comprehensive finance and accounting support tailored to your insurance enterprise. Our Insurance Outsourcing services help you free up resources for business growth through our accurate bookkeeping and financial reporting. 

Back Office Support

Focus on core insurance strategic initiatives through our back office support service. You can delegate your resource-intensive and routine insurance processes like data management, sourcing, sorting, analysis, and more to our insurance outsourcing team. 

Customer Service

Deliver exceptional customer support with our personalized Insurance BPO services. We deliver an efficient resolution of insurance policy inquiries through various channels including phone, email, and chat. 

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