Blended Operations for A Leading Manufacturing Company

The case study explores the blended operations strategies implemented for a leading manufacturing company with a global presence. The strategies resulted in streamlined operations, achieving significant milestones in terms of low attrition, improved KPIs, and substantial cost savings.

Deep Dive:

  • Global Enterprise: Understand the client’s operations and their worldwide presence, which include 14 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and more than 10,000 employees in 180 countries.
  • Team & Performance: Explore how assembling a skilled team with an attrition rate below 2% facilitated the consistent attainment of Collections and Order Processing KPIs.
  • Cost Reduction: Evaluate how optimal manpower utilization contributed to a significant cost reduction, saving 16.67% compared to previous year’s expenses in collections management.

Renewal Operation for A Leading Life Insurance Co.

The case study explores a renewal operation project conducted for a leading life insurance company, a joint venture between two Indian banks and a Japanese firm. The project’s objective was to optimize and enhance customer interaction through various outbound calling operations, aiming to increase retention and encourage timely premium payments. The operation managed to significantly reduce callback percentages and operating costs, while also improving customer satisfaction through effective campaign management and system integration.

Deep Dive:

  • Collaborative Effort: The operation represents a collaboration between a renowned life insurance company serving 9.2 million customers in India and a strategic partner with expertise in customer engagement and communication.
  • Objective and Strategy: The project aimed to augment retention rates and timely premium payments by engaging customers through various outbound calling strategies, underlining policy benefits, and alternative payment channels.
  • Notable Outcomes: The operation achieved considerable success, with a reduction in call-back percentages, cost savings, and increased customer satisfaction, underpinned by an efficient campaign management system and seamless backend integration.

One of the Leading Life Insurance Providers in India

The case study examines a leading life insurance provider in India, highlighting its robust customer service framework and substantial growth. It covers the company’s background, details of operations including inbound call handling and after-sales support, and the benefits delivered through their efforts, such as successfully rerouting calls during force majeure conditions and expanding the scope of service due to exceptional performance.

Deep Dive: 

  • Explore the resilience and adaptability of the insurance provider’s customer service, evidenced by the successful handling of increased call volumes during unforeseen circumstances.
  • Understand the comprehensive after-sales support mechanisms in place, which encompass complaint registration, status updates, complaint resolution, and customer satisfaction calls.
  • Assess the growth and expansion of the company’s service scope within a short period due to excellent performance, including additional services like verification calling for HNI customers and welcome calls.

Acquiring & Issuance Operations for a Leading Private Bank

This case study reviews the acquiring and issuance operations of a leading private bank listed on NASDAQ. The bank, renowned as a global fintech and payments leader, made significant improvements to its business scope, cost management, and customer satisfaction levels through strategic initiatives and workflow optimization.

Deep Dive:

  • Expansion of Business Scope: The bank extended its lines of business to include data entry and quality control for merchant acquiring applications, which was made possible through a consistent performance record.
  • Cost Savings through Workforce Management: The bank implemented robust workforce management measures, such as mitigating intra-day spike challenges and cross-training initiatives, resulting in substantial cost savings of 22%.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The introduction of the Email-to-Service Request campaign led to better end-to-end resolutions and resulted in a notable 31% increase in overall customer satisfaction.

 Pre-Screening Operations for A Leading Broking Company

The case study examines the process and impact of streamlining pre-screening operations for a top online broking firm, whose operations grew significantly over 24 months. This transformation resulted in a diversified business model, enhanced productivity, efficient resource management, and strategic consulting services, ultimately minimizing disruption during peak periods and doubling the company’s productivity.

Deep Dive:

  • Rapid Operational Expansion: The company expanded its operations from 75 to 1,400 seats within two years, introducing new lines of business including Customer Service, Email Response Management, Back Office, and Web-chat Response handling.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Effective CRM integration led to improved data allocation, thus doubling productivity within four months, which significantly improved overall throughput.
  • Strategic Resource Management and Consulting: Implementation of cross-training resources and a best-in-class dialer solution improved volume distribution and minimized SLA impact during peak business periods, such as the IPL in October ’21.

Blended Operations for A Leading Broking Company

This case study documents the successful transformation of a leading broking company’s customer service operations, blending traditional and digital channels to enhance customer experience and drive operational efficiency. This innovative approach enabled the company to improve customer retention and reactivate dormant accounts while boosting operational capacities, all leading to a significant return on investment.

Deep Dive:

  • Technology Integration: The company effectively leveraged AI/ML-based Customer Interaction Platforms, indicating a strong commitment to technological innovation to enhance the customer experience.
  • Multi-Channel Customer Support: The company offered comprehensive customer support through various channels including inbound and outbound calling, email response handling, and web-chat, thus catering to the diverse preferences of its extensive customer base.
  • Operational Efficiency and ROI Improvement: The broking firm managed operational capacities efficiently even during high volume inbound calls and strategically transformed its support team from a cost center to a profit center, yielding a significant 14% improvement in ROI.

Outbound Calling for a Leading Private Bank

This case study evaluates the outbound calling strategy of a leading Indian private bank recognized for its significant market presence and commendable accolades. The bank’s approach involves actively engaging with its customers, providing assistance for VKYC/OTP/Wallet account opening, promoting its Secured Credit Card to Fixed Deposit customers, and providing funding support to those who have applied for a Debit Card.

Deep Dive:

  • Understanding the bank’s heritage: A leading financial institution with nationwide reach, lauded by both domestic and international awards.
  • Scope of Work: The bank’s outbound calling initiative encompasses VKYC/OTP/Wallet Account assistance, Secured Credit Card promotion, and Debit Card funding support.
  • Customer Engagement: The bank’s strategic outreach is aimed at improving customer experience, enhancing service offerings, and driving customer loyalty.

Outbound Calling for a Leading Private Bank

This case study explores how an esteemed private bank effectively implemented an outbound calling strategy to enhance customer engagement and business growth. Leveraging business intelligence and advanced CRM integration, the bank significantly increased productivity, expanded its account opening activities, and introduced new lines of business, such as secured credit card and debit card funding.

Deep Dive into Sections:

  • Company Background: An established private bank recognized internationally, offering an extensive array of BFSI services with a substantial presence across India.
  • Scope of Work: Implementation of an outbound calling strategy aimed at assisting potential leads, pitching secured credit cards to FD customers, and following up with applicants of the bank’s products/services.
  • Performance and Scaling: Consistent performance led to the expansion of business activities, driven by advanced BI tools and real-time dialer management, along with robust CRM integration to streamline VKYC processes.
  • Growth and Productivity: An impressive increase in workstations led to a substantial growth in productivity for VKYC/OTP/Wallet Account activities and ‘Secured Credit Card’ and ‘Debit Card’ funding activities over a period of six months.

Collections for one of the Leading NBFCs in India

This case study details the successful management of collections by a leading non-banking financial corporation (NBFC) in India. Through proactive measures such as timely collections calls, awareness campaigns for online payments, and prompt customer service for loan foreclosure requests, the NBFC significantly enhanced their collections performance. Key metrics used for evaluation included contactability rates, conversion rates, proportion of online payments, and region-specific collection performance. The company’s efforts resulted in a remarkable improvement in collections performance and cost savings, along with an increase in customer awareness and online payments.

Deep Dive:

  • Collections Management: Timely collections and cheque bounce calls played a crucial role in preventing escalation to higher risk categories.
  • Technology and Process Re-engineering: The implementation of a dynamic dialer strategy and CRM customization led to significant cost savings and improved online payment adoption.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: The company’s ability to transition to a work-from-home model during the pandemic and consistent performance facilitated expansion of services and workforce augmentation.

Back Office Operations for A Leading Private Bank in India

The case study explores how a leading Indian private bank streamlined and expanded its back office operations for loan origination systems. Initially managing inbound calls and data entry, the bank scaled up its operations over six years, launching new business lines and expanding its services across the country. Additionally, it optimized operations through strategic automation, thereby reducing staff requirements and boosting overall efficiency.

Deep Dive:

  • Operational Scale-up: Remarkable growth in Loan Origination Systems over six years.
  • Service Diversification: Successful launch of new business lines including personal loans, home loans, and working capital.
  • Automation for Efficiency: Implemented strategic automation to reduce staff requirements and increase overall throughput.

How a leading healthcare provider revolutionized customer experience

Healthcare businesses are involved in dealing with people on many fronts. Patient satisfaction, improved health outcomes, and better financial performance can all be linked to the overall impression patients have of the healthcare system. In this case study we examine how a leading healthcare provider managed to ensure high-quality patient care by prioritizing customer experience.

Deep-dive into:

  • Leveraging omni-channel engagement, automation and self-service in the burgeoning competition.
  • A consulting approach to mapping customer experience gaps.
  • How the healthcare player achieved 40% increase in CSAT scores.

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