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Boost your business from strategy to execution with cutting-edge digital tools

Creating exceptional digital experiences for your customers has never been more important. Digital tools and technologies are key enablers in optimizing these digital experiences. 

EOSGlobe digital solutions bring together decades of our customer service knowledge and combine it with modern digital experience to help enterprises navigate the evolving digital landscape. 

Whether you require digital solutions for user engagement or analytics software to track performance metrics, EOSGlobe can help you embrace digital transformation and boost your business growth. 


EOSGlobe’s next-level contact center software services combine human expertise with automation to unlock the full potential of your call center agents. Our comprehensive 360-degree Contact Center as a Service (CCAAS) empowers your call center operations with customizable IVR, call analytics and monitoring, omnichannel dialer solutions, integration with CRM, and more. 

Our contact center software ensures increased ROI, cost savings, improved agent productivity, enhanced first contact resolution, and conversion rates. We ensure a seamless and personalized experience across all communication channels like voice, email, chat, SMS, or social media. 

Customer Experience has become a key pillar in setting your business apart. Creating differentiated customer experiences necessitates accessing vast data and converting the data into insights in real time. Your employees need customer data as quickly as possible to make customer experience-related decisions.  

EOSGlobe Knowledge Management Portal offers a robust platform to break data silos and get rapid access to information search of your organizational knowledge. Embrace digital transformation at every level in your organization and improve access to insights with our knowledge management portal. 

EOSGlobe Intelligent Quality Management platform empowers your leadership team to consistently evaluate business opportunities, train your team, and enhance overall customer experience. Our intelligent quality management system offers a comprehensive overview of departmental performance. Integrated with an interactive dashboard and advanced BI platform, it enables supervisors to make informed, data-driven decisions seamlessly.  

Through a results-focused methodology and comprehensive quality assessments, your team can analyze agent performance, identify the underlying reasons for subpar performance, and plan actions to boost business KPIs. 

EOSGlobe Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system automates tedious and error-prone manual processes to boost your workforce’s productivity and efficiency. Our robotic process automation bots can be scaled to accommodate your business needs and also can be integrated with your native systems, helping you to address inefficiencies across legacy applications. 

We also integrate business intelligence capabilities into the RPA system to empower your organization to monitor and analyze key performance indicators, metrics, and data points, ensuring a comprehensive overview of their business, department, or specific processes. 

One of the foundational pillars of any business is a positive customer experience. Customer support teams, on the frontlines of direct customer interaction, play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction. However, challenges arise when support teams are overwhelmed by a high influx of customer queries or when they are unavailable to answer customer queries. 

EOSGlobe AI Bots provide a robust solution to tackle all your customer service challenges. Our AI Bots manage large volumes of customer queries, communicate in multiple languages, offer round-the-clock assistance, and respond instantly to multiple customers simultaneously.  


Conventional data processing can be time-consuming and energy-draining, often prone to errors that hinder business growth. EOSGlobe Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions employ advanced automation and AI algorithms to decipher vita insights from documents and transform them into a structured format. 

With our IDP solutions, you can improve employee productivity by automating the time-consuming process of scrolling through a huge set of documents. The extracted information can be integrated into back-end systems to boost automation or stored in a database, serving as a tool for informed decision-making. 

Handling field service teams can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to monitoring the location and performance of your field personnel. Without robust monitoring tools, field service agents can miss important appointments or get away with fake reports. 

Our comprehensive Field Tracking System is designed to solve this problem across diverse industries. Any field service employee like sales representative, delivery partner, or service personnel can mark their availability on the Field Tracking System app and pick up service tasks. The Field Tracking System web portal can then be used to track their real-time location, assign tasks, or track ticket status. 

More than just task management, our Field Tracking System also collects data that will give you more insights on maximizing productivity and performance of the field service agents. 

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