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One of the most competitive industries in the world is the automotive industry, which is the second most lucrative sector. While automotive industry players need to continuously innovate their products, they must also focus on optimizing their costs, or else they risk losing market share to their competitors.

EOSGlobe’s cutting-edge solutions are designed to improve your efficiency through quick turnaround time and improved service workshop facilities. With our interactive analytics tools, we transform raw data into actionable insights that help you anticipate what your customers need before they ask.


Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management solutions can help:

  • Optimize your costs through the elimination of unnecessary expenses, duplicates, and non-value-adding activities.
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction as a result of improved product availability, better quality products and faster response times.
  • Improve your working capital management through better inventory management and cash flow optimization.

Sales Management

EOSGlobe is a leading provider of sales, marketing, and customer experience solutions for auto dealerships. Our comprehensive suite of applications can help you increase efficiency, close more deals, and drive greater profitability.

Customer Onboarding

Our customer onboarding solution provides effective tools to help dealerships manage their sales process. The solution can be used to manage leads, track follow-ups, create an internal CRM system, and do much more.

Marketing Automation

We assist you in creating targeted email campaigns based on different customer touchpoints within your organization, sending personalized messages based on the customers’ status (interested, prequalified, etc.), or sending out an automated welcome email when they register on your website.

Customer Post-Sales (Retail/B2B)

A business’s main goal is to keep its customers happy. The more satisfied your customers are, the more business you’ll bring in. EOSGlobe provides support on multiple fronts, including after-car-service surveys, after-car-purchase questions, connecting with lapsed customers, or even call customers when their warranty is nearing its expiration to see if they’re interested in a new purchase.

AMC Renewals

A simple click on EOSGlobe will give you access to information related to annual maintenance contracts. We also manage your customers’ product purchase information, preventive maintenance contracts, and complaint service calls related to any product with a warranty contract or that requires regular maintenance.

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