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Leverage The Dawn Of Digitalization To Deliver Superior Customer Experiences

The digital media revolution is reshaping the media and entertainment industries’ value chains and business models. For this sector to thrive, it must digitally transform into an intelligent enterprise.

In addition to our digital asset management solutions, OTT streaming, and gaming solutions, EOSGlobe can help content producers and distributors deliver seamless experiences across multiple touch points.


Outbound Sales Calling

If you want to generate more leads and potential customers, then outbound calling is the way forward. Our team of experienced salespeople will contact companies and individuals who might be interested in purchasing your products or services but may not know who you are yet.

We can offer different ways of reaching out to prospective clients, such as cold calling or emailing them directly through their company contact details on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Outbound Calling Activities

  • Customer Acquisition Calling
  • Welcome Calling – Validating Customer Details
  • Renewal Reminder Calling for First Bill
  • Renewal Reminder Calling – HNI Customers
  • Feedback Calling – Closure of Installation Complaint
  • Retention Calling

Inbound Calling

A practical way to provide better customer service is to manage inbound calling. With EOSGlobe, your inbound callers are able to speak directly with the right employee, solving their problems efficiently and effectively. In addition to offering our clients 24/7 support, we are always striving to improve their customer experience.

Inbound Call Handling Activities

  • Service – Queries, Requests and Complaints
  • Retention Desk
  • Dealer Helpline
  • Prospect Helpline

Escalation Handling

With EOSGlobe, you can create customized escalation paths for each customer based on their unique needs. We ensure that every customer gets the attention they deserve, no matter how big or small their problem may be.

Customer Feedback Tools

By implementing tools to collect feedback from your customers, we can help you improve your services. By doing this you will be able to improve customer experience based on what people think about your company, rather than relying on their overall satisfaction score, which may not always reflect actual problems.

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